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The Lane County Musicians’ Collective

The Lane County Musicians’ Collective is a cooperative sales association of musicians in Lane County, Oregon. Currently we staff a cooperative sales booth each year at Saturday Market’s Holiday Market in November and December. If you are interested in participating you should call Jon Silvermoon at 689-3084, Doug Bonham at 870-2924, or Sally Cowan at 935-1956.


  1. Any Lane County band, musician, other musical group, or musical producer that has put out a CD, cassette, vinyl record, or music video is eligible to participate.
  2. A representative of each band, musician, other musical group, or musical producer wanting to participate shall be required to attend an orientation meeting and booth operations training prior to the start of the Holiday Market.
  3. Band members, musicians, musical producers, and members of their immediate family will staff the booth. Each band, musician, or other musical group participating is required to contribute one shift of staffing during Holiday Market or another event each year.
  4. Each new band, musician, other musical group, or musical producer wanting to participate shall pay a fee of $10.00 that will go towards operating funds to offset expenses related to the booth as whole (batteries, photocopying, etc.). For previous participants this fee is reduced to $5.00 and is waived for participants who have less than $25 in sales. The fee will be taken out of your sales.
  5. Ten percent of each sale will go towards the Holiday Market booth fee. The percentage for other events may vary.
  6. Ten percent of each sale during Holiday Market will be placed in a fund that will, after the market has closed for the season, be distributed proportionately according to the hours each individual has staffed the booth. In addition the booth coordinators will be credited with a maximum of two hours of staffing per day for time spent in addition to staffing the booth. This money is not payment for work, rather it is money designed to offset participant’s expenses (gas, food, etc.). Combined booth fee and staffing fee will not exceed 20% of each sale.
  7. One CD or one cassette of each title from each participant will be opened for a demonstration copy.
  8. Inventory needs to be signed in prior to the opening of the market. Unless otherwise requested, no more than ten CDs or cassettes of each title should be given for inventory. Items should be priced in even dollars. For Holiday Market, closing inventory and payment will be available to participants about January 15. No inventory should be picked up during the market. Availability for pickup of inventory and payment will vary with other events.
  1. There will be an appropriate space for booth participants to post publicity posters and flyers concerning upcoming performances.

Any questions, call Jon Silvermoon at 689-3084 or Doug Bonham at 870-2924. You can also e-mail us using the contact form on this website.